Ajdovščina-Tolmin, Slovenia
march 10th - 15th 2015
or march 17th - 22nd 2015

The winter is always so looong, but AEROS Winter Race will take place early in the spring again. Fresh spring thermals scattered in the Vipava valley will take our wings high and far!

AEROS is providing very atractive prizes:

1st prize: 1000 EUR cash or credit note for 30% discount when ordering a new Combat
2nd prize: 500 EUR cash or credit note for new Viper S harness
3rd prize: 300 EUR cash or tailplane
4th-10th place: small prizes

Competition office

Click for the map Aeros WR competition office

  • Filled up

    The Aeros Winter Race 2015 is filled up. We just got the 50th early ticket payment. It is very nice to see so many pilots decided to come to fly in Vipava valley! The weather *must* cooporate this time :) The year 2014 is coming to it end... it's time to store good memories and wish good things to our friends and family in upcoming year - and...


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